Discover New Friends Through Online Speaking

Friendship has a exclusive significance in this world. Friends are the important part of our life. If we say that life is incomplete without friends then it must be true. Now a days it is very easy to find new friends with the help of internet. Internet has brought revolution in our lives. Now you can easily search new friends on-line now for friendship. Chatting is the best source of entertainment these days and you can find unlimited friends through chat rooms nowadays. Online chatting is a very common entire world these days and it is very popular among internet users. Now a days online dating is very common amongst young. If you are single then you can easily search your true partner in chat rooms. In simple world the friendship zones are the best means for obtaining online friends for live chatting. The main thing about chat rooms is that they are usually absolutely from any kind of charges.

When kids gather at a place for fun and enjoyment then they make that location full of entertainment. We know that girls and boys take pleasure in the company of each other and they can have fun with each other. When they find a neighborhood to meet each other then a sweet connection of friendship starts to develop one of them. When the friendship grows with time then it changes to a serious relation. The folks which do not have friends feel on their own incomplete without friends. This is why close friends are very important for us which can provide us company. We can share the ideas with girls and boys and we can also get advice from them. Friends can guide us about each and every issue of our life. The company of young girls and boys give us self-confidence and we can face each and every issue of life with courage and confidence.

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  • Cole:

    Hey guys.

    Ok, so i’ve recently discovered my friend has been cutting her self because she isn’t dealing with life at home. These cuts aren’t very deep and i know they aren’t deep enough to cause a lot of bleeding or need stitches, but i’m still very concerned.
    She cuts her thigh, just above her knee. She told me she does it because she doesn’t know what else to do and because she isn’t coping with her home life.

    Basically, her mum drinks everyday friday night and saturday night to the extent that she passes out on the couch at about 11-11:30pm and doesn’t wake up for a couple hours after that to move to bed. When her Dad is away on business, she drinks every night he’s away but start drinking really early on. Normally she’ll start at about 7-ish on friday and saturday, but when her Dad’s away, she can drink as early as 4 until she passes out. She only drinks wine.

    My friend’s mum when she’s drunk is soooo different to when she’s sober. When she’s sober she’s really nice and caring and always makes sure evryone is ok. when she’s drunk, she doens’t care about anyone and gets angry for no reason, yelling at my friend because she’s in the kitchen getting herself a drink or something to eat.
    Her mum isn’t physically aggressive, she just speaks horribly and yells sometimes.

    Anyway, my friend can’t speak to her mum about it because her older brother spoke to her cause she couldn’t do it herself.
    What happened was her older brother spoke to her mum and she broke down crying saying she’ll never do it again and she’s sorry blah blah blah. then a few days later, she drinks again.

    I have no idea how to help or what to do with my friend. She’s always so happy and carefree, then i saw the scars and she told me about it all. she goes through tis hate every friday and saturday night when her mum drinks while her Dad watches. (He knows she drinks too much but doesn’t say anything about it. He just gives her dirty looks all night when she’s been drinking)

    Please help!
    And please please please no stupid answers. This is really painful for both her and me.
    Sorry, but there’s just no way she would be able to split her family like that. Her Dad would NEVER forgive her and she would hate not having her actualy family around her. She wouldn’t be able to call child services in at all
    I don’t think she has access to a theorapist or anything. she doesn’t have a lot of money and any spare money she has goes into school stuff. books, pens, food etc.
    And i’ve been thinking about our college counseller but then i remember someone telling me that if a student goes to them with problems of hurting themselves, then they have to call their parents. And i have no idea how that would go down with her family because she’s cutting herself because of her mum and they would call her mum first so she would go home, see her mum and her dad won’t be home for another few hours.

  • Kobe:

    My husband and I have been married for a year and three months. I discovered in February that he was having an affair with a girl who came out to visit one of his friends. She was only in town for a week but they continued talking and exchanging “pictures” after she left. I discovered recently that they had spoke on the phone about a month and a half ago and when I confronted him about this he lied about it, then eventually came clean and told me the nature of the phone call (he said she was checking up on a friend of his). However, when I spoke to the girl later on that night she said that they didn’t talk about what my husband had said they talked about, and she also said that they have spoken periodically since I caught him but it was “just as friends”. She also disclosed that they had kissed when she was out here visiting.
    To this day he swears that they never kissed and that she was “making the whole thing up”. He also swears that the one phone call I discovered was the only one that took place since I told him to break all contact with her. But really I don’t buy it. Since I caught him, it’s taken a while for all the parts of the story to come out. When I had the feeling that something was going on, he lied about it. When I found her number written down so he could call her at work, he said it wasn’t hers. When I discovered pictures from a date they went on, he said he was taking her sight seeing. When I finally had proof he couldn’t deny he said they didn’t have a relationship, they were just talking to each other. And then it came out that he had in fact been telling her that he loved her and that he was going to leave me for her. Then a couple of months later I found out her was going to meet her when he had told me he was going home for his grandmothers birthday.
    I asked him to let me see his phone records to make sure he hadn’t talked to her on any other occasions and he basically said “%$&! no”, I just needed to trust him and try to move on.
    So I guess my question is, even though deep down in my heart I know he kissed her and that they talked other than that one time, should I try to let it go in order to move forward? Or would letting him get away without telling the full truth just lead to more problems in the future? I’m hoping to hear from a woman (or man) whose gone through a situation like this. Did knowing all the gory details help you move forward? I want to move past this but at the same time I feel like I need to know everything in order to stop dwelling on what did or didn’t happen.
    We have a beautiful 3 and a half month old daughter together and for her sake (and mine) I want to give our marriage a fighting chance. Should I demand to see his phone records, or just go behind his back and get them myself?

  • kass9191:

    Your friend is extremely shy in person. But you’re starting to discover more about her thru the internet and her facebook page. You’ve learned that she is extremely close to her family, has a silly, somewhat outgoing side (which is conveyed thru pictures and videos), she is kind of corny, is assertive when it comes to values and beliefs that are important to her, is very insecure about herself and also has serious fears about her health.

    She’s still extremely shy in public yet she will voluntarily send you a message or two online / thru a text. What would u think of her after discovering the other sides she reveals online?

  • JackReynolds:

    My daughter has just been diagnosed with a highly contagious rash called molluscum contagiosum. I have been incredibly diligent, researching online and warning all of my parent friends. I also try to keep it covered with a gauze bandage at all times. Recently, I discovered that both of my sister’s children have it and it has become obvious that my daughter has caught it from them. My sister did not tell me about it and failed to warn me at all. Now I am losing my job because my daughter’s preschool will not take her while she is contagious (it is a private school that she has been on the waiting list for two years for) and there are no other options in terms of schooling for her in my area. I would have to put her on another two to three year waiting list as child care is very limited here. I need to go back to work because I have very little time left to obtain my permanent certificate which will expire if I don’t acquire my necessary credits. If my certificate expires, I will lose my job. So now, because she did not warn me about this infectious disease, I am at risk of losing my job, not to mention that my daughter now has this nasty rash that could eventually cover her entire body if I am not careful. The doctors say that this could last years and there is no guaranteed cure. I am currently not speaking to my sister as I am appalled at how irresponsible she was with this. I am sure that she has neglected to warn anyone of this and has probably spread it all through her children’s schools as well. What is the statute of limitations on the silent treatment for sister’s that give your child a long term, infectious disease with no precaution? I seriously can not even look at her right now I am so angry.
    It doesn’t matter how much I explain that I am trying so hard to not pass this on. The preschool is adamant and they can decide whatever they want. They have tons of other parents lined up just waiting to get in. Even a doctor’s note doesn’t help. They are a private facility with high class parents who I am sure would not want their children to be exposed to this. In a regular facility I am sure there would be no problem but this is a top school. I was on the waiting list for a very long time just to get her in here and now there is no vacancy for child care anywhere, not on such short notice.

  • Rishi:

    I read the book a while ago and i have a test on it…could anyone be so great as to list the characters and give a brief description….all the online websights are a “preview” and you need to but the actual notes (which i am unable to do) thank you!

  • Jose B:

    give me some suggestions for join , which one would be best for fresher , was there any probleme with that , was it really walk?

  • llb443:

    I am trying to figure this out. Our family has discovered she goes online and says nasty things about our family, including our mother. She will not speak to us, other than to tell us that she is right and we are wrong. That is the end of the subject for her. It’s like those of us who are still living are dead to her.
    Do you do what she does?
    When she will really talk to us again, we will try this. I can’t do anything right as far as she’s concerned.


  • arronwrath:

    Well I’m 15 years old and I’ve always loved reading and I decided to try writing something myself for a change.

    Here is the first couple of pages and I want you to be brutally honest and tell me what you think. I do understand it’s hard to judge something from such a small part of it but i’m not going to put the whole thing online.

    My Novel
    As I lie hear face down, bleeding on the floor, I can’t help thinking that at least people might actually find out my name. For at least one day people might actually know who I am. The tragic story of my life might actually make it somewhere.
    It’s just a shame that I might not be around to see it.
    Chapter 1
    The Call
    1 week earlier
    For the third day this week, I had awoken to the sound of the phone ringing from downstairs. As I reluctantly got out of bed and ran down the stairs to answer it I prepared myself for what I was about to hear from yet another family friend who was oh, so sympathetic towards me as they spoke.
    “I’m sorry for your loss”
    “Your dad really loved you, you know”
    “He left us too soon”
    The same speech about how my father was a hero and how what he did was so brave and that he was a great man, all of them giving me no comfort whatsoever but none hurting as much as the next.
    I picked up the phone and said “Hello.”
    “Hi sweetie, it’s your Aunt Esme. How are you?”
    How does she think? Despite feeling my anger begin to boil up inside of me, I made an attempt to at least be polite to her, after all this was the woman that I used to call my mum.
    “I’m fine, thanks.” I lied. I was anything but.
    “That’s good sweetie. I was so worried about you, you know.”
    “Don’t be, I’m just…” I tried to finish. I tried to tell her that I was doing ok and there was no need to worry but my voice wouldn’t let me.
    “Oh sweetie,” she sighed… “You mustn’t blame yourself you know.”
    But that was the thing. I did. I couldn’t help but do it.
    Without me he’d still be alive. He’d be somewhere on an exotic adventure in some foreign land discovering yet another new species or he’d be at home, sitting in his chair, telling me about his latest expedition in the jungle. But he’s not and it’s all because of me.
    “It’s not your fault.”
    I couldn’t control myself any longer. It was too hard. I threw the phone with all my strength and it crashed into the wall and fell to the ground.
    I regretted it immediately. As my anger was replaced with guilt I went to pick up the phone. Really I wasn’t angry at Esme, I was angry at myself.
    I picked up the mangled shell of plastic I used to call the phone and examined the black screen.
    Great, I’d have to think of some way to explain this to mum later, but right now I didn’t care. All I wanted to do was to get back to bed.
    As I headed back upstairs I caught sight of the clock. It was two pm. Once again I’d slept through breakfast and lunch, but on the bright side I had just three hours left until mum gets home from work to start yet another argument with David about … well about anything.
    I collapsed in my bed and tried to clear my mind of everything, in order to get just one more hour of blissful sleep. The trouble was, these kinds of thoughts are pretty hard to budge.
    I’d closed my eyes for what felt like two seconds and opened them to a strangely familiar sight. My room had been replaced by the vast open space of the Southern Uplands, the birthplace of many of my fondest memories of our trips to the Scottish mountain range.
    Each enormous mountain was covered in a thick layer of snow, camouflaging them into the clouds.
    But the more I shouted the more I felt my consciousness slipping away…
    With a start, I woke up. It was the doorbell.
    If I ignore it they might think I’m not in and leave me in peace.
    But it rang again. Take the hint! I didn’t answer the first time and I’m not going to now. But the creaking of the letter box told me that they weren’t backing down.
    “EVA! I know you’re in there!” Damn! It was Esme. Well I couldn’t ignore her now. As nice as she was normally, she was pretty intimidating when she was angry and after the way I ended our phone call before she had every right to be.
    “Fine, I’m coming!” I shouted.

    Thanks for your time xxx
    Sorry forgot to mention the fact that i have to add some more text between the line ending in camouflaging them into the clouds and But the more I shouted the more I felt my consciousness slipping away…

    Basically shes on a walk with her dad in the mountains and he slips and falls and she sees him unconscious in a ledge below but she tries to shout for help and no ones there and she cant get to him. That’s when she wakes up. It’s a flashback by the way.
    The reason i’m not putting it online is I actually hand write it and it would take me a long time to type it all up. Thanks for the comment though, thats just the type of input I wanted. I’m going to try to add more detail soon. xx

  • Smashing Pumpkins:

    wat do you think about world YAHOO day?

    well, you no how people around the world gather for wyd and pray
    wat about a world yahoo day
    shouldnt we hava day where all yahoo users meet and discover whos who

    - loll probli not

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