Marriage in India is a Serious and Important Affair

Mergger is definitely an online social networking website. The older methods of matchmaking are slow yet efficient and reliable. Marriage is definitely celebrated like a festival in Indian.

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  • soccermaster1:

    A divorced woman that has been trough alot of trauma in life got trapped by a man who pursued her for marriage and convince her that he loved her and would never let her down like her ex husband did. He made her believe that he was serious about marriage. She was so,happy as she was a single mother of two kids gone trough so much hurt and pain that finely she was blessed with a man who loved her truly.He made her believe that he was deeply in love with her and genuinely wish to marry her.

    She felt he was genuinely in love with her and she was afraid to lose him and felt obligated to do anything for him out of love as he would be her future husband. He convinced her to strip for him and out of obligation and love she did all this for him as they were going to get married and according to this man only the paperwork was left.Since he was living in Kuwait and she in Germany they could not meet whiteout planing. They were planing to meet in India as bhot are Indian nationals.

    But later on she discovered he was just playing her and he was an already married man with a pregnant wife and an 11 year old son and a 14 year old daughter who is sadly physically and mentally challenged.

    This man is now blackmailing this single mother as he has also recorded her nude and clicked her photos whitout her knowledge and constant,now he is blackmail ling her with tarnishing her reputation and image so,before she says something he can just tell people she is all those bad things he is claiming her to be. Now he is calling her a s–l-u.tty-wh-o-re and said he just used her for fun and was flirting with her and he enjoyed the affair and it was a great relationship.She is shocked and traumatised for her she was only in it for marriage. But he is tarnishing her. She doesn’t even wish to call this a relationship or give it any name as she has been out-fooled by this man. Now what name can she give this relationship she was in for more then a year,as she is not a flirt… But he is a big flirt and womaniser,if she had known he is married she would never ever been going out with him or even considered his so called marriage proposal…. So, what can she call this so called relationship as he calls it a flirt and an affair…. She is not the type of lady that goes into relationship for her it was something serious like ending with marriage?

    Also this mans wife knows every thing but she supports her husband and blackmailing this lady by telling her husband has her nude photos and will put it on net to everyone to see as,she believes her husbands lies.She is blaming the single mother for have ruined her marriage and curse her,even when she knows what kind of man her husband is.

    Her husband told her this single mother seduced him and tried to trap him for marriage were as it was him who trapped that single mother lied cheated and conned her…

    Please advice what to do? How to end this harassment and blackmailing and how to present this case to police whiteout sounding like a complete idiot?

  • gail C:

    Mistakes my husband made:
    1. He lied to me before marriage that he had no affairs before, but after marriage keeps me in suspense by repeatedly shouting in the night (UNPROVOKED) that I should not ask about past, and that there was something.
    2. He lied to me before marriage that he had a student loan of $140000. After marriage, I found that it was $200000, and that he had evaded creditors by giving them wrong address, due to which he fails pre-employment checks and does not get a job worth of his stellar qualification: BE, MS, MBA. He finds it difficult to live a decent life.
    3. He is jelaous of me every minute, as I am doing well professionally, and earn more than him. He hurts me with abusive talks/ emails/ messages that affect my self-esteem and peace.
    4. He told me he had no sister before marriage. I found out later he had one, and he was ashamed of her. Similarly, details of his brother’s divorce were partially told wrong.
    5. I am scared to give him my money as he has made no serious attempts to live with me, though it is 2 yrs after marriage. But he feels a husband and wife must share money to begin with. But all his lies scare me and he refuses to give full loan details
    6. He has avoided living in India, and keeps going from country to country, as he feels insecure in India due to my success. Also, his income is slightly better abroad. But I am scared to acompany him, as he has run away fearing my success, and also the many lies/ abusive messages. Also, in that case, I cannot work and support myself, though I am also well qualified.
    I told him we can move abroad together after living few months in India as I will be able to trust him only if I live with him here for a few months. He has constantly threatened me with divorce.
    7. He dresses very awkwardly, and lives in literally a rathole with no basic comforts, to prove that money is not important to him.I don’t like this life style. He wants me to live like that too so taht he does not feel he is a failure.
    8. He did not tell me he had diabetes and severe snoring before marriage
    9. He is a mama’s boy, so much so at 48, he does not know shirt size and talks to mom several times a day- he decides nothing without her.
    10. he has never been romantic, kind, jolly to me, even if i try to be so, when we go out etc.

    My mistakes:
    1. I pointed out his awkward dress sense after marriage, as everybody was commenting on it
    2. I refused to share finances with him till we live together at least 2 yrs
    3. I told his close relatives about his lies, hoping for help
    4. I refused to live in a very dirty house, with his mother, who is so cheap, she insisted on coming with me for honeymoon, taking my wedding gifts ets. His CONSTANT talk of his mother (95% of the time, made me hate her)
    5. I refused to go with him from country to country, sacrificing my career for husband. This was because he is financially unstable and cannot support me. Also, because I want to work. He didi not say before marriage it was his intention to run from place to place. His lack of demonstartion of any affection, respect, committment to me in India makes me feel scared to go abroad with him, though some say he may be better abroad- where he has slightly more money, and where I will not have successful career

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